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Shein Workwear Experiment: Day 4

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The bottoms are almost certainly worn with the correct side facing forward, so I'm doing better than the day before! Nothing can stop me on this fine Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a board meeting to attend so I opted for a fancy-looking two piecer that masquerades as a dress. The gold chain belt and pearl headband, added for modernity, are also from the retailer in question.

Today I receive the most compliments thus far in my experiment. My coworker Lauren is shocked that it's not Free People. I do not disagree.

This outfit is killing it.

Here's my rating on a scale of 1 being Amazon fail to Department Store dupe being a 5:

  • 5 for the print.

  • 5 for shape. Love the high frill on the neck.

  • 3 for quality. I stretched the elastic on the arm too far and it came apart in a little section. I'm not worried, I may even take the elastic totally out. I hate elastic. In fact I am going to deduct a point because this top involves elastic.

Click for the belt. Smash for the bottoms. Push it real good for the top. Smack dat for the headband.

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