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Shein Workwear Experiment: Day 3

I was feeling myself for hump day. Perhaps too much. In an effort to remain transparent, I must disclose something to you. It was not until I totally disrobed at the end of the day that I realized: I WORE THE SKIRT BACKWARDS. Below I pose, gleefully unaware, borderline smug:

See the website listing, hanging appropriately:

Can I just pass this off as a rebellious, intentional fashion girl move?

Don't answer that.

Here's my rating for the skirt on a scale of 1 being Amazon fail to 5 being a Department Store dupe:

  • 5 for the color

  • 5 for fit

  • 3 for quality. It's not the softest thing...

Here's my rating for the top--yes, it's Shein too!!!

  • 4 for the print

  • 5 for shape. Love the high frill on the neck.

  • 3 for feel. I almost thought it wouldn't be unbearable to wear, but it didn't irritate me at all in action!

This outfit works for all intents and purposes. Get you the skirt here and the top here.

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