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Shein Workwear Experiment: Day 2

Tuesday caught me feeling lazier than before and I threw on another Shein skirt with the laziest pairing possible...a t-shirt. Layered with some necklaces, I felt elevated-ish. Block heels helped me at least hide my negative motivation from my coworkers.

Here's my rating on a scale of 1 being Amazon fail to 5 being a Department Store dupe:

5.5 (it's my article, I can do that) for the print--this patchwork thing is being used by all the hard-hitters (Exhibit A) and Shein is doing it well!

5 for shape

3.5 for quality. Again, the material is thin...I will be careful to wash anything I purchase here!

I'm feeling flirty and Free [People] in this one. Would rock again.

This guy is 14 bucks, a total steal. Buy it here.

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