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Shein Workwear Experiment: Day 1

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Shein. She-IN. Sheen? However the heck it's pronounced, Shein is fast fashion brandished by Instagram bloggers whose audience requires budget-friendly, on-trend options. If you haven't seen nor heard of this retailer, believe me when I say it's what we always wanted Forever 21 to be. That is, sans too-loud club "music" and overwhelming crowds of teens screaming at one another over said cacophony.

This week I took it upon myself to wear an outfit a day to work, using as many Shein peices as I could possibly withstand. Here's the first look I posted to the 'gram.

I must admit, only the skirt is from Shein. Give me a break, it was a Monday! All things considered, I received way more compliments that I thought I would for this very much thrown-together look. I was also surprised by the quality of the skirt. The material is light, but not see through. The pattern is obvs adorbs. Here's my rating on a scale of Amazon fail being a 1 to a Department Store dupe being a 5:

  • 5 for the print

  • 4 for shape (I thought it would ruffle where it splits, the picture on the site is misleading)

  • 3.5 for quality (The material is rather thin)

I ordered up one size. Click here for this eleven dollar cutie!

Also...follow me to see where this lil experiment goes!

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